Who we are

Think about how you look to others or how others should see you. This is where SEED Group Media Solutions comes in offering exceptional visual solutions to you, your product or services. We are in business to design visuals which as tools, are meant to aid our customers achieve their goals. Print design and web design make up the base of our visual solutions.

Our philosophy is enshrined in a partnership between us and the customer working together to realize that end product or results. Our three pillars – insight, experience and satisfaction as enshrined in our corporate logo, guide us in every service we offer.


We measure our success not in the number of designs we produce or websites we develop but by how many customers are happy and are able to realize their dreams through our work. This is what has earned respect and integrity from our customers, affiliates and strategic alliance partners. Also, we believe in building lasting relationships that go beyond visual solutions offered to our respective customers.


SEED Group - Media Solutions was founded in 2007 as a division of SEED Group, Inc. The division predominantly serves the US market with a list of customers from Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Virginia, Washington State and District of Columbia. Most recently, the division ventured into seeking customers at various overseas markets in East Africa.


We offer web design solutions for all types of websites from simple personal sites, startups to large business solutions. Our competitive prices affords  you an opportunity to grow or expand your business at an affordable cost. 


We work closely with our customers to produce appealing graphics mean to complement your message in any print format. Even more, advanced software affords add-on opportunities where print design is transferrable online at little or no cost.


We are also proud to offer the following: IT Outsourcing, on-site tech support; Data backup and recovery; disaster recovery plan; document digitizing; business process analysis; web hosting; several IT Services, etc.

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